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Home Made Cheese

Labane (with photos) - an easy middle eastern style yogurt cheese.


Cabbage Greens With Pine Nuts - a delicious use of the dark green leaves of the cabbage.

Cabbage With Jerusalem Artichokes - a healthy and delicious alternative to the usual cabbage and potatoes.

Mediterranean Salad - a deliciously simple salad of chopped vegetables.
Wild Lettuce Greens - greens made from a plant you may have cursed as a weed, but are very good for you.


Chicken With Onions - a Middle Eastern style chicken with onions and olives somewhat like chicken curry.

Chicken Gizzards in Goji Berry Sauce - a delicious chicken gizzard recipe using goji berries.

Fermented Breads and Grain Recipes

Druze Pita (with photos) - an almost paper thin middle eastern wrap bread.

How to Make Healthier Rice - Using the finger method to make perfectly cooked, healthier rice.

How to Make Hominy or Nixtamal Safely at Home - Make your corn healthier and more digestible in a way that's safe for your home kitchen.

Whole Wheat Dosa - A whole wheat version of Indian style pancakes.

Millet Pilaf - an easy millet pilaf recipe.  Millet is a gluten free grain that tastes somewhat like a round, pleasantly aromatic rice.

Oat Flour Pancakes - these pancakes don't require any addition of wheat flour or gluten.  Oats have quite enough protein and starch on their own.


Better-than-margarine - a somewhat margarine like spread for toast.

Tips and Info

Cooking With Palm Oil and Palm Sugar - getting started cooking with one of nature's wonder-trees.

Slimming in the Summer - Nicole's tips on slimming or maintaining in the summer without dying of heat stroke.

Back to School - Helping kids to stay the course during the school year.  These tips are especially useful for those whose children are combatting childhood obesity.

Easy Changes - Just starting out?  Here are some substitutions you can make on your very next grocery shopping trip.