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Favorite Links

Chef Kathleen Daelemans - The chef of Cooking Thin, the show that got me started along the path of a healthier diet.  Her website features recipes, lifestyle tips, and a fan forum for people who are done struggling with their weight, and are managing it instead.

The Weston A Price Foundation - Tons of scientifically scrutinized information on the cooking styles and nutrition of non industrialized people.  This site is run by an organization that aims to balance between the new knowledge and old world wisdom.  You can read Weston A. Price's signature work Nutrition and Physical Degeneration free at Project Gutenberg.

Eat Stop Eat - Okay, so their style is a little gimmicky, but this site has some excellent arguments in favor of flexible, intermittent fasting.

Eating for Your Epigenome - The science behind why moderately anachronistic diets work.

Favorite Books

West African Food in the Middle Ages: According to Arabic Sources - If you're African American, you'll want to know how west African people ate for a long and healthy life before European and American products were widely available there.  Even if you aren't 100% subsaharan African, this information is useful while you're experimenting with finding the right foods for your own and your family's individual needs.

Recovering Our Ancestors' Gardens: Indigenous Recipes and Guide to Diet and Fitness (At Table) - A guide for those of full or partial Native American ancestry on pre colonial nutrition and exercise.  It takes the approach of reclaiming your culture and your health by readopting the lifestyle choices.

Companies Doing the Right Thing

Are you in the supply or buying business?  Here are some companies where you can find products to serve the growing number of natural, primal, paleo, and low and moderate carb customers.

Agbanga Karite - Retail and wholesale sellers of natural African cooking and cosmetic oils, soaps and baskets.  Their quality is excellent and their trade practices meet and exceed Fair Trade standards.

Loder Croklaan - Suppliers of high quality, sustainable, non hydrogenated palm oil for the food industry.

Privett Hatchery - A free range, ethical chicken farm/hatchery in Portales, New Mexico.  They've been raising chickens right since long before it was trendy.

Sime Darby Edible Products Ltd. - Source of Spoons brand "vegetable ghee" palm oil and Leila ghee (clarified butter), two hard to find products that many would appreciate having access to at reasonable prices.